Werks Motorsport

Major Services are due at 60,000kms or 4 years (whichever comes first)

2,770.00 AED
2,908.50 AED including VAT @ 5%
Import shipping and customs duty all inclusive.

Major Services are due every 60,000kms or 4 years (whichever comes first)

We follow Volkswagen Service specifications which include Draining and Replacing the Engine Oil, DSG Oil and Replacing the Oil Filter, DSG Oil Filter, A/C Filter, Air Filter, Auxiliary Belt And Spark plugs as well as checking and topping up all fluids and completing a full visual inspection and diagnostic check.

The engine oil that we use is ROWE – 5w40 which is manufacturer approved

We only use genuine OEM Volkswagen parts that are purchased through Al Naboodah Automobiles or Ali & Sons, the authorized agencies in the region

Our price includes Oil, parts, labour and consumables