02Q LSD 6/7 spd

Werks Motorsport is pleased to introduce Wavetrac differentials for your vehicle. After years of testing these differentials in our shop cars they have finally been offered for public sale!

5,090.00 AED
5,344.50 AED including VAT @ 5%
Import shipping and customs duty all inclusive.
Product Features:

Using a unique and proprietary torque biasing design, these differentials are able to minimize wheel spin and provide superior traction. Whether you have a daily driver, drag car, or road race car the Wavetrac differential will enhance your driving experience.

– Innovative: Patented Wavetrac design automatically improves grip in low traction conditions. This feature is truly innovative and unlike any other torque biasing differential design.

– Superior Materials: 9310 steel gears run in case hardened billet or forged steel bodies. ARP fasteners are used throughout

– Maintenance Free: The Wavetrac differential will perform a lifetime of service without maintenance or rebuilds.

– Customizable: If desired, you can alter the differential’s behavior to suit your needs using optional components.

– Limited LIFETIME Warranty: All Wavetrac differentials include a transferrable, limited lifetime warranty.