Syvecs MQB VAQ module

Plug & Play VAQ Controller, No need for mechanical Differentials on your FWD MQB Car!

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The new Syvecs MQB VAQ module is a standalone E Diff controller designed to give the ability to control the differential engagement from the driver’s seat, gone are the days of fitting mechanical differentials, removing & opening the gearbox etc, this is a plug and play controller!

  • Reduced Understeer.
  • Improved cornering speeds.
  • Less wheel spin.
  • Improved change of direction.
  • Fully Adjustable for changing conditions.

Vehicle application list :

Seat Leon Cupra
VW Golf 7.5 GTI PP

The OEM VAQ controllers are locked down and not adjustable, but by simply fitting our Module a whole new level of control is available. The unit allows users to optimize control and provide the best performance available from the powertrain.
The MQB version of the controller replicates all the OEM CAN information as well as picks up lots of variable from the OEM Can to link into the control strategies like Steering Angle, Brake Pressure, Rpm, Tps, Lateral G, Yaw, Long G, Speeds, Temperatures and mode switches
Limp Protection options for large slip, high current, high temps which warn the driver but keep diff active unlike the OEM controllers which shut down the outputs which is not ideal with high horsepower!
Works with any Engine management system.
The Drive Mode Button on the MQB is used for Map switching so allows users to be able to change between pre-defined maps on sport,normal and comfort mode.
Live adjustment Rotary potentiometer which gives drivers the ability to adjust the Pump Duty on the move or go from the flick of a switch.
Retrofit kits for VAQ install into non PP vehicles coming soon.

Developed with and exclusively for Werks Motorsport!


Development & testing underway for MK8 GTI & Clubsport.