Lower Motor Mount Twin Dogbone Inserts.

The Twin Dogbone Inserts fill the large voids in the factory lower engine mount with two billet inserts, limiting drivetrain movement for greatly improved strength and a much more enjoyable drive

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What do they do?

The RacingLine upper and lower Twin Dogbone Mount Insert is one of the most affordable and transformative upgrades you can do to your MQB/MQB Evo car.

By slipping the RacingLine Twin Dogbone Insert into the voids of your factory lower engine mount you will stiffen the whole location of the drivetrain greatly to give a much tighter, sharper, more responsive feeling to your car.

Crucially, fitting both the two-piece upper and lower inserts of the RacingLine Twin Dogbone Insert eliminates the bending forces that can cause damage and ultimately failure if just one insert is fitted (as many others offer).

The RacingLine Twin Dogbone Insert limits the compliance of the lower engine mount by filling the large voids with our two billet inserts.

All of the forwards/backwards rocking movement in your drivetrain is controlled by this Lower Mount – fitment of the RacingLine Twin Dogbone Insert adds strength to the drivetrain, helping to protect from future wear and breakages.

The risk of wheel-hop under hard acceleration is almost eliminated as the whole engine and ‘box assembly is firmly prevented from juddering when wheelspin occurs and through aggressive gearchages.

Fitment of the Twin Inserts will only add a minimal increase NVH to the car’s characteristics, but most keen drivers love the sense that they are more ‘connected’ to their car, and the gentle ‘growl’ that the mount conveys.

Select your correct version.

The factory mount comes in two version across MQB models. To ensure fitment on your vehicle, please visually verify the mount you have, then select the correct insert below:

OE part: 5Q0 198 037 A – You’ll require the Version 1 Insert

OE part: 5Q0 198 037 F – You’ll require the Version 2 Insert