The RacingLine Adjustable Rear Droplinks are an essential upgrade to any lowered or performance car.

1,080.00 AED
1,134.00 AED including VAT @ 5%
Import shipping and customs duty all inclusive.

Our Rear Sway Bar End Links replace the soft factory rubber bushings with their weak plastic bodies with these beautifully engineered adjustable aluminium billet replacements.

Designed with one aim in mind: to help achieve optimum suspension performance and geometric accuracy, and thus increase the effectiveness of your rear anti-roll bar.
Each heavy-duty, high-articulation rear droplink attaches the rear anti roll bar ends to the lower suspension arm.

Replacing the failure-prone, weak plastic OEM links with our rigid billet aluminium links greatly reduces flex and allows a sharp, uncompromised transfer of suspension movement through to the sway bar.

As well as the link itself, extra stiffness and precision comes from replacing the flex-prone stock plastic ball joint with motorsport-spec ball joints. An especially valuable upgrade on older, higher mileage cars.

Fully adjustable by +/- 5mm to zero the pre-load on the anti-roll bar geometry. Clever design means that adjustment can be carried out at both ends whilst the droplinks are in-situ, making neutral positioning much easier.

Direct replacement – can be used with either factory or Aftermarket rear anti roll bar, and returned to standard at any time.