MQB HPFP Upgrade

Designed, tested, developed and assembled by Ecotune's own technical team working in tandem with our Calibrations Engineers to ensure the most robust hardware/software combination.

4,690.00 AED
4,924.50 AED including VAT @ 5%
Import shipping and customs duty all inclusive.

Key Features Include:

Optimised rebound control for improved high rpm pressure stability.

Over 35% increase in piston bore area.

Precision engineered with multi stage finishing process.

Nitrided components finished with Titanium CarboNitrate coating.

Up to 240bar operating pressure.

40% increase in intake plenum volume.

100% increase in fuel distribution channels retaining OEM pulse buffer system.

AN6 micro-filtered inlet with included barb adapter.

Sealed MPI outlet with supplied high flow MPI T-piece.

When aiming for 500hp+ on the EA888.3 platform, the OEM High Pressure Fuel Pump quickly reaches its volumetric limit. This impacts the system’s ability to maintain fuel pressure, introducing reliability concerns.

Developed as part of our World Record Breaking Golf 7R program, Ecotune’s re-engineered HPFP is the solution to providing stable, dependable pressure where fuel demand is significantly higher or the use of ethanol blend fuels is necessary.

This unit has been purposefully developed addressing many of the key limitations on alternative solutions. Fully designed, developed, assembled and quality controlled at Ecotune’s UK facility.

Achieve your power goals with the assurance of Ecotune’s fuelling system on your EA888 build.