Intake system, BMW M2 M3 M4 G80 G82 G87 (S58)

do88 proudly presents the full carbon fiber Intake System for BMW M2 M3 M4 (G80 G82 G87), engineered for high power outputs!

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do88 proudly presents the full carbon fiber Intake System for BMW M2 M3 M4 (G80 G82 G87), engineered for high power outputs!

When designing a new intake system for a turbocharged engine, three critical factors are vital: filtration, airflow, and thermal management. Our do88 intake system is engineered to optimize these elements, air filtration, enhanced airflow, and keep low inlet temperatures for the turbos. The design of the airboxes—including their shape, volume, and the materials used in its construction—is precisely crafted to maximize airflow to the engine, and thereby improving performance.

Elevated air intake temperatures badly affect engine performance, as turbos must generate boost using hot, less dense air. Therefore, a fully sealed intake system is essential for minimizing Intake Air Temperatures (IATs). However, such a system presents a challenge due to its restrictive nature, relying solely on the stock air feeds at the bottom of the air filter boxes for air intake. During development, it became obvious that to remove this restriction, the system required supplementary fresh air feeds. To address this, we introduced additional air supply openings behind the headlights on each side. To ensure enough air volume around the air filters, we’ve engineered large 7.8-inch airboxes, which additionally provide sufficient clearance for CSL strut brace.

As replacement for the stock plastic intake pipes, we designed large, smooth carbon fiber tubes. These begin with a diameter of 105mm (4.1 inches) at the air filter end and seamlessly taper down to 3.25 inches, matching our custom turbo inlets. Attached to our carbon tubes is our large, custom-designed air filter. This filter features a densely woven cotton gauze, ensuring clean airflow. Designed for durability and efficiency, the filter is washable and reusable, promoting optimal performance and an extended service life.

Our design distinguishing from most aftermarket intake systems, we’ve taken the additional steps by developing custom turbo inlets that replace the OE’s restrictive plastic inlets. The original equipment (OE) inlets feature connection sizes of only 61mm and 72mm. In contrast, our custom aluminum casting turbo inlets has significantly larger 83mm connections. To ensure our system’s versatility and longevity, we’ve implemented an innovative sealing and adapter sleeve design. Our casting inlets offer a 53.6mm opening towards our compressor housing inlet sleeves, superior the flow diameter of the OE parts. We seal to the flat screw flange surface, rather than the tube insert side. This design enables our turbo inlets to fit both OE and hybrid turbos, such as the Pure S58 STG2+ and TTE940, by including various sleeves that align with the compressor housing’s inner diameter and our turbo inlets, ensuring a seamless fit.

Key features:

  • Large 105mm (4,1”) custom-designed pre-oiled cotton air filter with densely knitted cotton gauze.
  • A fully enclosed / sealed design, ensuring that only cold air is supplied to keep the IAT´s low.
  • Produces an enhanced induction sound from the turbocharger and diverter valves, yet not the disturbing noise often caused by an completely open air intake.
  • Precision-engineered, optimized design for unrestricted airflow.
  • Optimized for tuned engines, hybrid turbos and big turbo kits.
  • Increases airflow by 24%
  • Reduced pressure drop and strain on factory components compared to OE intake.
  • Improved throttle and boost response
  • Smooth design with no sharp or harsh bends or restrictions.
  • Compatible with most future mods, i.e. turbo upgrades.
  • UV and heat-resistant high-gloss clearcoat for lasting protection.

Washable air filter for optimum performance and long service life. We recommend cleaning the air filter every 20.000 km, please use universal cleaning product designed for cotton air filters. You can for example use BMC Washing fluid with part number “WADET500”.