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This intake offers horsepower and torque gains throughout the powerband, with peak gains of up to 16 crank horsepower and 13 ft-lbs of torque on stock turbo tunes, and over 35 crank horsepower and 24 ft-lbs with an upgraded turbocharger.

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034Motorsport engineers worked hard to develop a cold air intake solution for the TTRS and RS3 that yields horsepower and torque gains over the well-designed factory airbox, ultimately resulting in this beautifully-manufactured X34 Carbon Fiber Closed-Top Cold Air Intake System.

034Motorsport engineers first created a CFD-optimized carbon fiber intake tube, which is a direct, high-performance replacement for the plastic factory accordion hose. Using CAD software and 3D scanning technology, 034Motorsport was able to maximize the cross-sectional area of the intake tube while being mindful of space constraints, including the factory high-pressure fuel pump and firewall. The resulting part is a functional work of art – maximizing performance given the factory space constraints and featuring smooth transitions that ensure optimal airflow to the turbo inlet.

Air Intake Flow Analysis
To ensure that the X34 Carbon Fiber Closed-Top Cold Air Intake System draws in cool, dense air, the system includes a closed carbon fiber airbox to replace the upper airbox. Bolting to the factory lower airbox, this airbox allows the high-flow conical filter to breathe cold air from the factory inlet duct before the radiator. Both the carbon fiber heat shield and carbon fiber intake tube feature a fiberglass backing layer to aid in isolating cold, dense intake air from the heat of the engine bay.

Intake Box
034Motorsport focuses on optimizing every aspect of the intake system across a broad range of variables and compromises. A critical component of a high-flowing performance intake is the ability for air to flow around and into the filter. If the air cannot flow freely around the filter, it will be restricted from getting into it. Many aftermarket kits fit too large of a filter in an enclosure that cannot accommodate its size, thus choking the filter and reducing its overall flow. This often happens when a product is engineered for one variable at the expense of others. 034Motorsport conducted extensive tests and refined its development of the intake design to allow for maximum airflow surrounding the air filter, allowing for optimal airflow to, and through, the filter. The final result is the right size filter in the right size filter housing, creating maximum airflow and performance with OEM level filtering; the ultimate goal of any intake system. Be cautious of any intake that brags only of air filter size, without taking into account the detrimental effects of shrouding the filter.

Intake Box
The X34 Carbon Fiber Closed-Top Cold Air Intake System houses a high-flow conical air filter with double-layer pleated cotton filtration medium. This air filter design offers increased flow through an enlarged filtration surface, while ensuring superior filtration. Care was taken during the engineering and design process to ensure this filter is not shrouded inside the airbox like other intakes on the market that brag about big filters crammed into areas that are too small for these large filters to adequately flow.

Audi TT RS & RS3 CAI Air Filter
034Motorsport carefully selected the carbon fiber weave on the intake tube and upper airbox heat shield to match the factory carbon fiber engine trim found in the Audi TT RS & RS3 2.5 TFSI engine bay. The X34 Carbon Fiber Closed-Top Cold Air Intake System for the Audi TTRS 8J and RS3 8P 2.5 TFSI was designed to fit like a factory part, and mates directly to the turbo inlet pipe and factory lower airbox to provide an OEM+ look.

034Motorsport’s engineering and development efforts were validated on multiple vehicles using our Mustang AWD Dynamometer to ensure that the X34 Carbon Fiber Closed-Top Cold Air Intake System provided substantial increases in horsepower and torque on both stock turbo vehicles and ones with upgraded turbo kits alike.

Peak Wheel Horsepower & Torque with Stage 2

Intake Type Horsepower Torque
Stock 377 421
X34 Carbon Fiber Closed-Top Cold Air Intake 390 429
Peak Wheel Horsepower & Torque with Stage 3

Intake Type Horsepower Torque
Stock 460 424
X34 Carbon Fiber Closed-Top Cold Air Intake 491 443

Fits both right hand drive and left hand drive configurations
Meets regulations in countries that do not allow exposed air filters
High-quality carbon fiber construction
Carbon fiber airbox top blister provides clearance for air filter without engine bay bulk
High gloss epoxy finish
OEM+ fit a appearance
Dyno-proven horsepower and torque gains
Increased engine and induction sounds
Quieter than similar open-top intakes
Improved throttle response
What’s Included:
034Motorsport X34 Intake Tube
034Motorsport X34 Closed Upper Airbox Heat Shield
034Motorsport Performance Air Filter
Installation Hardware
This product is sold for racing use as well as use on vehicles not registered for on highway use. By purchasing this product, you understand that this product is sold for racing use as well as used on vehicles not registered for on highway use, and that it is not legal for use on highway or street vehicles.

Warranty: All 034Motorsport products are covered by our industry-leading 1 Year Warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. The 1 Year Warranty does not cover natural discoloration or cosmetic imperfections on carbon fiber finishes which occur over time.