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The 034Motorsport Dynamic+ RCO – Camber & Roll Center Adjusting Ball Joints for MQB & MQB-Evo Audis and Volkswagens are engineered to significantly improve the handling performance for lowered Mk7/8 Volkswagen Golf/GTI/Golf R & 8V/8V.5/8Y Audi A3/S3/RS3 models. Designed as a true drop-in upgrade, the Dynamic+ RCO Ball Joints provide an additional negative 1.2° of camber at each of the front wheels and raise and optimize the roll center by 10mm.

Dynamic+ RCO Ball Joints are the ideal solution for enthusiasts in search of enhanced handling performance, confidence-inspiring grip, precise steering response, and maximum stability throughout turns. Equally well-suited for the street and track, Dynamic+ RCO Ball Joints deliver a perfect balance of performance, durability, and comfort. Dynamic+ RCO Ball Joints were tested extensively on the street and at the track with multiple 034Motorsport MQB & MQB-Evo Development Vehicles before release to ensure that they deliver excellent performance and durability. Dynamic+ RCO Ball Joints are coated in a corrosion resistant nickel-zinc coating to ensure long life and durability for years to come.

The concept of roll center is the point at which cornering forces in the suspension are transferred to the vehicle body in relation to the vehicle’s center of gravity. The roll center is negatively impacted when lowering McPherson Strut vehicles as the point at which the suspension pivot in the lower ball joint changes, allowing for the center of gravity to have an increased effect, or leverage, on a vehicle’s roll control. By installing the Dynamic+ RCO Ball Joints, the point of roll center is moved closer to the center of gravity, providing maximum stability, less roll force transferred with less body roll, and increased traction throughout turns.

The Dynamic+ RCO Ball Joints also increase negative camber at each wheel by approximately 1.2°. This gain in negative camber will increase grip when cornering, improve steering feel & handling response, and improve turn-in, facilitating quicker, more consistent lap times. When paired with the 034Motorsport Dynamic+ Camber Mounts, the front camber is dramatically increased. This combination is ideal for enthusiasts looking to maximize front-end grip at the slight sacrifice of tire longevity.


  • Reengineered Suspension Geometry for Performance Driving
  • Adjusts and Optimizes Roll Center by 10mm
  • Adds Approximately 1.2° of Negative Camber at Each Wheel (Compared to Factory Ball Joints)
  • Significantly Enhanced Grip When Cornering
  • Improved Steering Feel & Handling Response


  • Corrosion Resistant Nickel-Zinc Coating
  • Direct Bolt-In Fitment
  • Requires Alignment After Installation
  • NOTE: If You Have a Big Brake Kit, Please Double Check Ball Joint Clearance to Rotor Before Finalizing Installation.
    • Compatible with Racingline Stage 3 Big Brake Kit
    • Compatible with Macan Brake Upgrade
    • Not Compatible with Stoptech ST60 380mm Kit
    • Not compatible with Stoptech ST40 355mm kit


  • 3C0 407 365 B
  • 3C0 407 366 B


  • Left Ball Joint
  • Right Ball Joint
  • (QTY.6) M10 Flanged Nuts
  • (QTY.2) M12 Flanged Nuts