Software designed Around You.
For over a decade, Ecotune has prided itself on supplying state-of-the-art performance software around the world,
From bespoke ‘Stage 1’ upgrades that unlock a little more from your car, through to fine-tuning world record breaking cars!
With our philosophy of not wanting to be the biggest but be the best it was a no brainer for us to join the Ecotune Dealer Network
We now have the ability to serve Dubai with remote custom software for a wide range of European Vehicles from and Audi to a Ferrari we’ve got you covered!
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We do all the testing so you don’t have to compromise.

due to the climate here IN the UAE a whole host of products from the biggest names in the industry simply don’t work.

we have taken the time and expense to put everything listed on our site through testing on the track and on the road to ensure its the best performing parts your money can buy.

to get the very best from you’re vehicle Visit Our shop



We do all the testing so you don’t have to compromise.

due to the climate here IN the UAE a whole host of products from the biggest names in the industry simply don’t work.

we have taken the time and expense to put everything listed on our site through testing on the track and on the road to ensure its the best performing parts your money can buy.

to get the very best from you’re vehicle Visit Our shop


While other workshops may convince you to buy expensive parts in order to determine whether or not they are the cause of your issues,

Werks Motorsport technicians are able to pinpoint failed or worn items that need replacement, and provide you with a comprehensive list of what needs replacement and why.

In addition, our master technician can suggest upgrades or other preventative maintenance items to replace at the same time in order to keep problems from recurring, and save you money in the long run.



Whether your car has a check engine light on the dash, an oil leak you can’t track down, or a mysterious noise that wasn’t there before, Werks Motorsport Service Department is here to help.

With access to state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, and decades of combined experience with Audi and Volkswagen vehicles, our factory-trained technicians can effectively troubleshoot issues large and small.


Werks Motorsport Service Department specialise in scheduled maintenance for Audi, Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda and other VAG vehicles.

Whether you’re simply due for an oil change, or in need of a more comprehensive service – we’ve got you covered.

We only use the highest quality fluids, filters, belts, and other replacement parts from original equipment manufacturers (OEM) to ensure optimal fitment, performance, and durability.

Every Werks Motorsport service includes a thorough multi-point vehicle inspection to identify any wear items in need of replacement and keep you and your vehicle safe on the road.

Interested in scheduled maintenance or service? You can reach one of Werks Motorsport Service Advisors by calling +971 4 880 3350, or emailing or just stop by anytime between 9:30am to 7:30pm Saturday – Thursda


Werks Motorsport offers brake disc skimming/replacement and new brake pads, depending on the application, driving style and budget we have something for you. We have access to everything from genuine oem brake pads and discs to EBC brakes full range which can cater for your daily driver to weekend track toy.

We also have a range of big brake kits which is a must for those who do regular track days or have upgraded cars to a point where the stock braking kit cannot provide adequate and safe stopping distances.


Improve the performance of your brake system with performing necessary brake fluid flush services. A Brake Fluid Flush Service removes existing brake fluid, moisture, and debris from your car’s brake lines and hydraulic systems,

We use genuine fluid for our servicing but we also have a range of dot 4 and dot 5 fluids available for those experiencing brake fade or wanting to upgrade.


Factory rubber brake lines do a decent job for day-to-day driving, but are prone to expansion under heavy braking. This can result in inconsistent pedal feel, and less consistent brake response. Werks Motorsport carries DOT-approved stainless steel braided brake line kits, which prevent expansion and offer improved braking performance whether you’re commuting to work or pushing your car’s limits on track.


Are your brakes fading, making noise, pulsating, or not performing as desired? Our expert technicians can diagnose hardware, electronic, and hydraulic system issues that may be limiting the effectiveness of your Audi or Volkswagen brake system. From brake pad/rotor inspection to ABS module replacement or re-coding, we carry state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and tools to effectively identify and repair problems with your car’s brake system.


Need more stopping power beyond what the factory brake system provides? Werks Motorsport offers Racingline & Forge Motorsport performance Big Brake Kits for Volkswagen, Audi and more. From upgrade kits with slotted rotors and more aggressive pad compounds, to full-on race-bred braking systems, we have what you need to get your car stopping shorter both on the street and track.


Werks Motorsport offers Carbon Cleaning Services for Audi & Volkswagen engines utilizing direct-injection technology. Werks Motorsport Carbon Cleaning Services are designed to remove carbon deposits and buildup from the intake ports and intake valves, and restore lost power, fuel efficiency, and good run-ability. No more cold start misfires!


Gasoline direct-injection technology provides substantial improvements in power and efficiency on internal combustion engines, has become widely adopted in the latest Audi and Volkswagen models. This technology – advertised as FSI, TSI, or TFSI by Audi and Volkswagen – is more efficient than port fuel injection, and allows for increased horsepower and torque throughout the powerband, as well as lower emissions.


While the benefits of direct-injection are well documented and worth the added level of hardware and software complexity, there are cons to completely ridding of port injection. Direct-injected engines – particularly early 2.0T FSI , 4.2L FSI, and 5.2L FSI versions from Audi and Volkswagen – are prone to carbon buildup in the intake ports and on the intake valves, which over time becomes severely detrimental to engine performance and efficiency. These deposits worsen over time, inhibiting airflow, and can even break off and fall into the intake tract, where they can cause damage to the valves and internals.


Our carbon cleaning services are more thorough than most. Removable port divider flaps are scraped to remove heavy buildup and then hand cleaned. If the fuel injectors are removed (2.0 TSI and FSI for example) the tips are also cleaned to help remove any buildup in the pintle and then new seals are fitted. After multiple rounds of scraping, soaking , and vacuuming, the ports and valves are clean. After reassembly, Finally we clear all codes, reset adaptations, and go for a test drive to make sure everything is functioning properly again.

Check before you buy!

So you’ve found your dream car and the seller says it needs absolutely nothing! They have a book full of maintenance records, it’s freshly waxed and ready to go to a good home. All of these things are great, but a pre-purchase inspection should still take place to make sure there’s no hidden surprises as even the nicest of cars can have skeletons in the closet.

We have various levels of pre-purchase inspection options available. Our basic pre-purchase inspection consists of a thorough evaluation of all the important components, complete with an itemized list of critical repairs needed, upcoming scheduled maintenance, and detailed notes on the general condition of the vehicle for sale. We also offer a more comprehensive test that includes an accident check and paint depth test to check for any undisclosed accidents.

Take the worry, stress, and uncertainty out of buying a used vehicle by utilizing our PPI services to make sure you’re buying the right car, the first time.


Have a track day or high-performance driving event coming up? Chances are we’ll see you there! The Werks motorsport Team frequents many race tracks around the emirates, both for competitions and track days . We bring a wide variety of experience building & setting up to our customers in the form of our Track Day Inspections & Setup Services.


Whether you’re in need of a tech inspection, advice for your first time driving on track, or complete track day setup and support, we have the knowledge and expertise needed to make the most of your next track outing.


We offer a wide range of parts and services for performance driving enthusiasts, including racing brake pad installation and fluid flushes, corner balancing and ride height adjustment, track alignments and chassis setup, and more.


Here at Werks Motorsport we can provide many services for custom projects.

Are you thinking of doing an engine conversion? Or do you just want an exhaust that you can’t find off the shelf we’ve got you covered.

We can carry out a variety of engine conversions all in house and done in our clean engine build room and to the highest of standards.

We also have 304 stainless tube in stock in a variety of sizes, and a Miller TIG Welder which we use to create anything from a resonator delete to a full custom exhaust.

This chapter is an open book and depends on how wild your imagination is…