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Audi 8V RS3 Ignition Coil Pack (Set of 4)
1,040.00 AED
1,092.00 AED including VAT @ 5%
Import shipping and customs duty all inclusive.

This is a set of four (4) genuine Audi 8V RS3 Ignition Coils

If you’re comparing on price, be sure you’re looking at genuine RS3 OEM coil packs.

Manufacturer: OEM / Audi Original Factory Equipment

Application(s): These coil packs are from the Audi 8V RS3. These genuine coil packs can also be used as an upgrade for FSI or TFSI Gen 3 engines.

If you have tuned to stage 2 or your car has high km, these are a great upgrade to ensure years of strong spark.

These are also less likely to get stuck in the spark plug holes due to excessive heat.