Milltek Sport
Cat Back Valved System with Quad GT-90 Cerakote Black - Resonated

F5083 x2: Adapters to OE System
MSRR75: Front Silencer
MSRR78 x2: Extensions for 110 Models
MSRR79: LH Axle Pipe
MSRR80: RH Axle Pipe
MSRR100: Rear Silencer
MSRR70 x2: Inner Outlet Pipes
MSRR82: LH Valved Outlet
MSRR83: RH Valved Outlet
F7095CF x2: Adapter for OE Valve Motors
MSAU532 x4: Cerakote Black Tip Assembly

16,720.00 AED
17,556.00 AED including VAT @ 5%
Import shipping and customs duty all inclusive.
Vehicle Compatibility
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