Gareths Audi RS3 1000HP Build

What started as a simple stage 1 ECU tune turned into something wild,

This car started life with us with a Racingline OEM+ stage 1 Ecu Remap and an Integrated Engineering Intake Kit and this naturally left gareth wanting more!

So as logical individuals we next addressed the handling and braking with the use of Ohlins Coilovers, 034 Motorsport Rear toe arms, Camber arms, Front and rear Anti Roll bar upgrades and the party piece the Racingline stage 3 380mm big brake kit finished in chrome!

Shortly after having all this installed we were asked to upgrade the car to Stage 2.

OEM+ took care of the ECU & TCU tuning having recently developed the files this was a breeze for us. Forge motorsport shipped us their Front Mounted intercooler kit to take care of the IAT’s ,The UK OG’s Milltek sent us their new Decatted downpipe and midpipes & We also got our hands on a Unitronic 4″ Turbo inlet pipe.


With Stage 1 & 2 out the way the next step was very much a go big or go home approach! Using the best parts on the market from the best vendors in the world, Now this is where things really get interesting……

We built the short block using Integrated engineering internals which consisted of Tuscan I Beam Connecting Rods, IE Mahle spec pistons and Connecting rod bearings.

The cylinder head had the valve seats recut and new Ferrera Racing Super Alloy Inlet and Exhaust valves installed with a Integrated Engineering Valve Spring & Retainer kit to keep things in check with the rev limit increasing to 8200rpm.

Holding the two together we used DP Engineering tool steel head studs and an OEM headgasket.

We turned to Iroz Motorsport for the turbo kit which progressed into an IMS1200 kit and added a billet plenum and runners.






Before putting all that back in the car we needed to address putting all this power down to the ground and this was a job that we needed the help from a few different suppliers of ours. We reached out to Deka Clutch Technology for a DCT 1200 flywheel insert, Wavetrac Differentials for one of their newly released DQ500 LSD Kits and last of all Vargas TurboTech for their Billet DQ500 Oil tubes. We have plans for a custom DSG cooler but this will be documented at a later date.

“The first time we met with gareth and discussed this build we thought we had figured everything out, however we were thrown a huge curve ball.”

We were going to run the car on a standalone ecu as it had been tried and tested, the further we progressed with the build we decided against it due to some issues in getting the parts here and moved towards retaining the oem ECU and using it to control all the components installed.

This had presented us with a few issues which we had to overcome, boost control was the biggest issue, getting the massive 55mm tial external wastegate to respond as we needed it to without the use of an external boost controller wasn’t easy, luckily we had Aoon from Infinit Performance fly out to calibrate the car for us. After many different tests with different spring rates we finally were able to get it doing what we needed it to.




Our next hurdle was getting the boost to the engine without any restrictions, for this we felt the Forge cooler we had installed back when the car went stage 2 wasn’t able to handle the increased boost levels so we got it touch with RPC Motorsport for their 1000hp garrett core custom intercooler setup, with this sorted we installed Methanol injection from AEM Electronics with a custom tank made in house. Whilst we were making parts we decided to ditch the electric oem diverter valve in favour of a mechanical blow off valve by Precision Motorsport welded onto the oem inlet elbow.